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The Best.

A beautiful ceremony and a great reception help create the "perfect wedding." We realize that creating a great reception is an important duty that belongs in the hands of the very best. We have been ranked among the top disc jockeys in the region and have been the subject of features in local newspapers.

Control and Personalization.

Our goal for your reception is plain and simple: execute your reception plan in the best possible way. To that end, at 21, we realize that no two weddings are alike. We will work one-on-one with you in order to design a wedding reception to fit your personal tastes and needs. You will have as much control as you like - from providing us a detailed song "play" or "do not play" list to directing the flow of the evening. We will give you tips and advice regarding placing events in various orders and more. We have seen it all - from large to small - from mega budget to modest budget - from chic to traditional. All of our experience will be at your fingertips.

Raising standards in the wedding industry.

At 21, we think of music as a design component, much like flowers or linens - it brings your personal taste into the story your reception tells. As a result, we want your reception to have the personality that you choose - whether you want a dance party or a formal sit down event or a delicate mix of both. We have the ability to adapt our personality and style to fit your personal tastes and needs. We can be as outgoing or as conservative as you like.

Music Lovers Welcome.

For our most discerning wedding couples, you can provide us a song list for the entire evening. That's right - you can choose every song that is played at your reception. With 21, you can choose as much or as little of the music as you like. After all, it is your wedding.

Also, you can dictate how we handle requests - play them, don't play them - it's up to you. Same for novelty songs - from the Cupid Shuffle to the Electric Slide - you decide if you want to hear them.

e2 - a revolution in entertainment

Imagine your perfect wedding reception. The freshly pressed linens are draped on the guest tables. The chairs are covered with bright white covers with satin bows that complement your wedding colors. The china and silverware sparkle in the romantic lighting of your banquet room. Then there is the DJ booth. A plain 6 foot table. Dozens of wires. Ugly electrical equipment. Unsightly speaker stands. We bet you weren't imagining this when we said "perfect wedding reception." With 21 e2, this all changes. Finally, you can have a DJ booth that belongs at an elegant event. 21 e2 provides a professionally decorated, upscale DJ booth that blends into an elegant reception setting. Your wedding is not at a dance club, so why should your DJ booth look like it is?

The Little Things.

We carry a wide variety of music to satisfy and entertain you and your guests. We are capable of playing the oldies to the new top 40 hits of today. Our packages include generous amounts of coverage. We do not skimp on one of the most important things - the playing time for your reception. Finally, dance floor lighting is standard with every entertainment package.