You've thumbed through flipbooks before, but did you ever think you could be in one of your own? Now you can with Flipbooks by 21, the newest and hottest rage in customized wedding favors. We take a short video clip and transform it into a Flipbook for your guests! Flipbooks by 21 does more than just provide your guests with a keepsake - it will keep your guests talking about your wedding. People are enamored with the flipbook experience and can't help but share their enthusiasm!

How it all works.

What is a Flipbook by 21? Our Flipbooks are a small book with a series of pictures. When the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures animate the video clip shot at our mobile Flipbook studio.

So, how do we do it? We set up a mobile Flipbook studio at your wedding reception and invite guests to step in front of the camera and make a short video clip. They can use props, dance, blow kisses, hold up a sign, or even do a skit. Then, the video clip is transformed into a personalized Flipbook while guests watch. It creates a buzz as your guests watch and laugh at the entertaining skits and share their Flipbooks and skit ideas with each other.

Customize your Flipbook.

We can also customize your Flipbook covers, adding your own personal touch to each Flipbook. Covers can include any color and include names, dates, pictures, and much more. With our customization options, we can turn a plain flip book into a memorable wedding favor for your guests that fits the theme of your wedding.

The Prop Chest.

What's better than Flipbooks by 21? Flipbooks by 21 with our Prop Chest! With the Prop Chest, our Flipbook maker will bring along a variety of props and accessories that will add to the fun. Funky hats, crazy glasses, colorful boas, goofy mustaches - and more!

It's all about having a great time.

At 21, we are passionate about making people laugh and smile, but it is also our mission to make your event as memorable as it can be. With Flipbooks by 21, your guests are sure to walk away with memories to last a lifetime.

Contact us today to see how Flipbooks by 21 is the perfect accent to your special evening.