An Amazing Design.

21 is proud to introduce myBooth - the most innovative and technologically advanced photo and video booth available. Catch one glimpse of myBooth and you will see why it is unlike any other photo booth. Its calling card is its chic upholstered leather look which flows from the rear of the booth to the front where it is accented with a wood grain finish. myBooth is the definition of posh.

In the photo booth industry, myBooth is an engineering marvel. Unlike other booths that are an unimaginative box shape, myBooth is round and circular. Its shape makes it a looker but it also has a functional purpose. With its generous circular guest area, myBooth can accommodate more guests than the usual small square booth.

Bigger is Better.

myBooth is a party booth. myBooth is not like other tiny booths that only fit two guests. The larger size of myBooth encourages guests to use the booth over and over with different folks. For example, a bride enters the booth with her groom. Then, later, she returns with her bridesmaids - then, again, with her parents - then, yet again, with her high school friends! Our booth design encourages guests to revisit and reuse the booth with their family and friends.

A Guestbook on Steroids.

spacious circular guest area

Looking for something better than the typical wedding guestbook? Looking for something better than a book of only autographs? Get the myBooth scrapbook and double print option. With this option, myBooth will print two copies of every photo strip; your guest will take one as their wedding favor, and the double print will be affixed to the scrapbook where the guest(s) will have the opportunity to write messages next to their print. Your scrapbook will be your own wedding keepsake - much like a guestbook, only better!

photo strip blueprint

Not Your Average Strip Show.

We understand that the photo strip is a gift for your guests - that's why we spare no expense in delivering professional lab quality prints. myBooth is equipped with high resolution professional cameras and printers combining to give our clients outstanding quality. We use professional dye sublimation printers which print on lab quality photo paper. It's your wedding day - refuse to accept anything less.

There are a number of customization options for your myBooth photo strips. For example, you can add a custom footer to your strips which can include your names and wedding date. With a custom footer, your strips can be your wedding favor for your guests! Also, if you are looking for a modern look, you can choose to have the strips in black and white.

Each photo strip is formatted as shown in this blueprint. The top three slots are filled with your guests' pictures, while the bottom slot is a footer that is customized with your name and wedding date.

Choose a professionally designed custom footer for your photo strip! Look at some of our past designs:


Video Too.

myBooth, a marvel of engineering

myBooth combines cutting edge video and computer technologies to produce high quality personal messages from your guests. We developed a simple to use video booth that creates a private and fun environment conducive to spontaneous, uninhibited, humorous and sentimental messages from your guests. From congratulatory messages and well wishes, to funny and emotional memories, myBooth will record and preserve these on your very own Video Album.

At your reception, myBooth is accompanied by an attendant, who welcomes your guests and assists them in the recording of their personal messages. Guests are welcome and encouraged to record as often as they like, whether alone or in large groups. The messages range from heartfelt to hysterical. Guests are limited only by their imaginations. Many will recall great memories or fun and embarrassing moments, others will offer advice or even sing and dance. There are no inhibitions, since your guests aren't put on the spot by a videographer when they're not prepared. myBooth, together with your guests, will provide you with an amazing keepsake - your Video Album - containing messages from loved ones and memories from your big day.


myBooth Complete
(Photo and video)
  • 1 myBooth
  • 4 hours of unlimited photos and video messages
  • Onsite attendant
  • Customizable photo strips
  • DVD of video messages
  • my21 featuring "Ask a Wedding Planner"

myBooth Basic
(Photo only)
  • 1 myBooth
  • 4 hours of unlimited photos
  • Onsite attendant
  • Customizable photo strips
  • my21 featuring "Ask a Wedding Planner"

  1. One of a Kind. myBooth is the only booth with a chic upholstered leather look, finished with a Wood Grain accent.
  2. Affordable. For the cost of a competitor's photo booth, you can get both photo and video.
  3. Professional Quality. We utilize powerful professional cameras and lighting, lab quality printers and photo paper. It's your wedding day; refuse to accept anything less.
  4. Customizable. Add your own personal touch to the appearance of your photo strips by adding your names, wedding date and more.
  5. Elegant and Discreet. Your wedding reception is not at a carnival or shopping mall - so why should your photo booth look like it is?
  6. White Glove Service. Your myBooth attendant will assist each of your guests during their myBooth experience to ensure everyone has a great time.
  7. Portable. The myBooth is designed to be easily transportable. We do not need access to freight elevators or require any other special assistance. Basically, we go anywhere.